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A very interesting question these days in the rapidly innovative world is “What is food innovation?” and “Why is it important?”

Right now, Food industry are experimenting and creating the products that can be healthy and delicious together. At Wholesome First, we want to innovate and develop products that are not only exciting and unique but also accessible and sustainable.

The Innovation in food industry is paved through combination of social, cultural and technological innovation. This innovation can focus on various topics of food system, agricultural process, harvesting and processing the raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and consumer tastes. However the ultimate innovation is to be able to create new or improved products. So the improvised product satisfies the criteria of being natural, delicious, nutritional and accessible to all communities and everyone.

We believe that Ideas and Innovation is the engine for growth in every aspect of life. At Wholesome First, we encourage the genius minds that work endlessly to bring ideas and innovation alive in our products and company. We are a team of enthusiastic and broad minded creative individuals who are constantly looking for ideas and innovation. We always try to create and implement a balanced and healthier approach for our every product. Our dedicated team pushes the limits of science and technology that help us build an innovative future for superfoods and everyone.

Our products range from nuts, dry fruits and seeds considered as dried snacks. The combinations of dry fruits, berries, nuts and seeds along with white acacia honey is one of the many innovations that we experiment at our company. We dedicate our ideas and developments in food packaging and processing, along with new and exciting ingredients from different parts of the world.

Our Diwali celebration pack was one of the successful packaging innovations we did and it was a huge success with our consumers. Our upcoming Christmas Celebration pack and New Year Celebration pack is one of the innovative approach towards the design and packaging aspect of our product. In this project, we collaborated with painter artist Ayisha Malik, who did the traditional paintings for the packaging design collaborating with brand and design expert Ashar Damani who conceptualized this idea and executed this innovative packaging idea successfully.

We value how our innovation projects contribute the knowledge and expertise to this fast-forward commercial world around. We make sure our innovation opportunities benefit our company, employees, external partners and mainly our loyal consumers.

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