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Our Beginning

It all started in 2019* When the founder of the company Wholesome First, Mr Nazar Abbas built this house of superfood products. His own decades of travel experience and mastery of understanding the high quality nuts and dry fruits guided him to bring together all the best superfood from all around the world. He personally visited Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, America and around India in the pursuit of the best nuts, dry fruits and berries from each country.


He understood the importance of including the superfood in our daily diet and life. Mr Nazar Abbas himself very fondly remembers his childhood, when his mother used to prepare sweet, savory and exotic dishes using all the nuts and dry fruits. He made sure that he curated and brought all the natural and nutritious superfood accessible to everyone. So we can build a healthier community and world.

He stayed extensively at the finest farms and orchards overlooking each and every process of growing superfood. He visited many farms and selected the best and finest from among them to bring them back to India for our consumers. He has built a healthy and trustworthy relationship with the farm owners and collaborators from the globe. From here onwards, he moved ahead with the firm foundation of Wholesome First.


Our Journey

We are a people-first, values-driven, food-and-health-focused company. Since our humble beginning andthroughout our journey, we have developed the culture of diversity, respect, inclusion and fairness in our company. The most important priority at Wholesome First is that we care for people, our employees, our consumers and our collaborators. Together, we stand up for the community, every day.


Our journey is inspired by the simplicity and goodness of the superfoods. We are guided by principles of promoting healthy eating habits and quality rich food. We believe that being healthy should be everyone’s top priority and we are contributing to achieve it. We are taking steps in every possible direction to better the health of our community and our planet.

Each and every decision made at Wholesome First puts the people and environment first. We believe in setting higher standards that provide the highest quality results as well. As we move ahead in our journey, we focus to understand and evolve with the changing behaviors of our consumers.


Our Goals

There are few things that we keep in our mind as we are working towards our goal:

We work for the wellbeing of our consumers, workers, employees and collaborators.

We also try our best to source our superfoods and ingredients sustainably.

We are working hard to make sure we use renewable energy as much as possible.

We want to reduce our water consumption and reuse it as well.

We want to minimize our food wastage and environmental impact.

We try to use recyclable material for our packaging.