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Why Wholesome First

At Wholesome First, we are constantly trying to bring superfood to more people that are natural, nutritious, delicious and accessible.


World’s Best Superfood:

Wholesome First is the first fruit supplier in India that carts out your favorite nuts and dry fruits grown in the orchards of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Russia, Europe or Latin American countries. We have gone to far off countries looking for the finest and nutritious superfood for you and your family. Providing the best products is our top priority. Furthermore, we also want our superfood to match our consumers’ nutritional needs and motivate better food habits. We know the importance of the best quality superfood, because it positively affects the mind and the body. We value the trust that we are going to share and build together, healthy and better!

The studies have proved the use of nuts and dry fruits by human beings traces back to thousands of years. Monarchs and Empires of the past centuries have always strived to import and export the best quality of nuts and dry fruits from all around the globe. Perfect health has always been considered the wealth for every one of us. We at Wholesome First keep the health of our consumer at the center of our core value. Hence, we strive every day to bring the best of the world. Every Fresh nut, dry fruits and seeds is crunchy, chewy, salty, sweet and earthy.

Wholesome First also has a robust network of international vendors who supply the best quality nuts and dry fruits. You can now easily enjoy the supreme tastes of nuts and dry fruits from the blossoming orchards. Whether you want premium almonds from California, finest apricots from Turkey or the nutritious walnuts from Chile, we bring the best of the world! The antioxidant booster Cranberries and Blueberries comes from the leading farms of America. The Dates packed for you come from the excellent farms of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman and United Arab Emirates.

The delicious and sweet taste of the White Acacia Honey is considered one of the best types of honey. It is in the Valleys of Kashmir. You will forget the ordinary honey after you taste the premium quality honey we provide, mixed with dry fruits, berries and seeds. We bring you the finest superfood to your doorstep, there’s literally no hiccups encountered in transportation.