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Conscious Sourcing


At Wholesome First, we try to ensure that our ingredients are in line with our Conscious Sourcing Standard. Our responsible sourcing team checks and understands where our raw materials come from and how they are produced. We aim to promote, protect and restore the people, farms, forests and natural ecosystems crucial to the sourcing of our ingredients.

Our Approach:

Wholesome First has built a robust network of national and international suppliers, farmers and service providers. We believe the superfood we source and package for you and family follows systematic and sustainability practices. We have set out some basic non-negotiable Conscious Sourcing standards and we ask our every business partner to follow it when doing business with us.

We know that the soils and ecosystems in which our raw materials are grown, the people who produce them and the finest quality of the raw materials are at the heart of a good food supply company. We are working on a system that we will be assessing, addressing and reporting on environmental, farmers welfare and social performance to help transform agricultural practices in a way that has a positive impact on nature, climate and people.

We mainly source nuts, dry fruits and seeds from different countries of the world from farms and chain of intermediaries. While doing this we face challenges to obtain our raw materials. To understand and work on these challenges we perform assessments that help us understand the environment and communities we source our raw materials.

We manage and promote the safety of the crucial landscape and farms we source from. We hope to contribute towards the improved condition and restoration of the agricultural practices, natural ecosystem and the lives of the farmers. We want to bring a real positive change in the practices involved in the food supply business, to do this we strive every day consciously learning and adapting new methods that allow us to do our business sustainably and diligently.

Wholesome First is a people-first focus company. We are trying our best to commit and raise our awareness and promote policies that empower people all across our company and collaborators. We want to create and grow our business with a future that is bright and filled with endless possibilities. We can only do this if the future of our farmers, their families, chain of suppliers and our consumers are safe and bright as well.

We believe if we continue ahead following the path and standards we have created for ourselves and our suppliers, we will hopefully create a better and fair future for everyone. The future that will empower and strengthen the lives and communities, where nutritiously natural food is accessible to everyone. At Wholesome First, we carefully and consciously take each and every step necessary to achieve the positive impact on people, nature and climate.

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