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We believe in focusing and taking action to build a bright future for generations to come. At Wholesome First, we know that the key is to protect the environment while we create a nutritional and sustainable product for our consumers.

The nuts and dry fruits are nothing new; we have been consuming it since our early times. We know the importance of dry fruits in our food system and they are a form a dehydrated snacks. At this time, we know there is a growing movement of innovative shelf-stable dried snacks that are trying to be saving the planet with their practices?

Our goal is to constantly practice right methods and implement structures that support our farms, natural ecosystem, reduces CO2e emissions. We want to only bring goodness to our consumers through our natural and delicious products that are produced sustainably. We also know that there are many things to be done to achieve this high standards and we are ready to face the challenges the future brings.

Wholesome First is a brand that has created dehydrated food brand and we know the benefits of dehydrated superfoods. We are seeing the impact of food choices that we make does reduce the needs of resources and the shift in the food choices is also happening. Interestingly, there are people who are very conscious about their food and its minimal carbon emissions.

There is also the water factor that adds to the sustainability principle of our company. The water content is less in the nuts and dried food products in comparison with other food products. The removal of water from the process makes the product to become very light to transport and its take less space, fewer resources are required, less fuel is used in transport and this causes lower carbon footprints. This makes a huge difference on grand level when we as a company make superfood light weight and it becomes a better and more sustainable snacking choice.

If adopted by more consumers, one may say that dehydrated superfood can become a sustainable and popular snacking option. This can have a positive impact on the future of food sustainability and a sound choice environmentally. Honestly you are not even compromising on the taste; it is equally tasty and nutritious as other snacks.

We believe that the collective actions we make today as a company and consumers will helps us build and support a Better Planet. It will then create an environment for Better People for future generations to come. So let’s make a better and conscious choice to create a sustainable planet for us and for our future generation.

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